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Increase business productivity while reducing waste with Knowledge Management System

Pigro offers companies Knowledge Management solutions to optimise resources and increase business productivity while minimising business waste.

Managing resources requires a strategy to maximise productivity and avoid wasting time and money. However, companies often fail to invest in innovation and the tools available to employees are outdated.

It is only by using the right technology that waste can be minimised, routine tasks can be delegated to “machines”, and employees can be given all the tools they need to be productive.

In the article "Company resources: what they are and how they can be managed" we outlined the main sources of waste within the company. Pigro offers you the chance to minimise them and increase your company's productivity.

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1. Synchronisation of resources and processes

One of the causes of work slowdown is the difficulty in finding information.

Often, employees in one division do not have easy access to documentation from another area, even if it produces information that is binding for their own work.

With Pigro, you import all documentation onto a single platform and search for information by typing in a simple question. Pigro takes care of the rest: it extracts the answer to your question from your knowledge base, with the option of accessing the document.

This minimises search time, allowing your employees to focus on more value-added activities.

2. Technology

Often companies do not think that innovation is necessary, and so decide to postpone investments, especially in times of crisis.

But this is not the case. ISTAT has found that the companies that will come out best from the Covid-19 emergency are those that have focused on the valorisation of resources, innovation, digitalisation and product diversification.

The decision not to invest in innovation, in fact, has repercussions on all fields: employees will not be motivated by having to waste time every day to solve problems that could easily be avoided, customers will have an idea of the company as obsolete or underdeveloped and much more.

A good Knowledge Management system not only avoids repetitive tasks, but also simplifies many of the activities of the employees who will then be able to do their work better and faster.

Pigro uses artificial intelligence to extract all the information you need from your documentation, self-learning from every question asked, feedback or new material imported and constantly improving its results.

Your answers will thus always be up-to-date with the latest version of the documents in your Knowledge Base.



3. Speed of resolution

Sometimes the workflow is compromised by a lack of information, which is binding to proceed.

But when these gaps are discovered, it is often already too late: the person who is looking for information needs it immediately and will lose time if it cannot be found quickly. How can this be prevented? By discovering gaps in the documentation early on, thus preventing this from causing problems in the future.

Pigro allows you to easily discover these gaps in the knowledge base and fill them with new content, increasing the speed of resolution and therefore reducing losses.


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