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Boost your Customer Service Helpdesk with Knowledge Management

A good Knowledge Management strategy allows you to improve Helpdesk performance and increase customer satisfaction.

If you are reading this article, you will be interested in how to upgrade your Help Desk with a Knowledge Management system. Pigro has developed a technology to automatically extract from the company’s Knowledge Base the most relevant information, simplifying the work of the Help Desk and Customer Service area.

If you already know the subject, you can contact one of our experts to understand how our solution can adapt to your needs or request a demo right away. Otherwise, continue reading the article to learn more!

Helpdesk and Knowledge Management

There are many aspects that a company has to manage within the customer journey.

As it is a complex journey, a well-organised strategy is essential. On the one hand, it should simplify the work of operators and allow them to quickly resolve all customer requests. On the other hand it should be structured in every component to increase customer satisfaction.

The Helpdesk is the first-level support service that aims to solve problems and provide information promptly.

But for this to happen, companies must have the tools to make the documentation – from which operators extract the relevant information for efficient customer care – easily accessible and searchable.

A good Knowledge Management strategy makes it possible to achieve all this, increasing the productivity of individual departments, which will be able to communicate more easily, reducing response times to customer requests.

But what are the fundamental elements for managing corporate knowledge related to the Helpdesk?

The answers: characteristics

The Help Desk has to provide answers to customer questions and problems. But, in order to offer a good customer experience, these answers must respect certain characteristics. Let’s see how a good Knowledge Management strategy makes it possible to achieve them.

  • Relevance

To solve a customer’s request, the Customer Service answer must be relevant to the question and must contain all the necessary information. Consequently, the more articulated the problem, the more the Helpdesk division needs tools to speed up this research and be able to answer the user promptly.

Pigro provides consistent and precise answers

Pigro, thanks to its conversational interface based on the company’s Knowledge Base, retrieves the most relevant content according to what you are looking for. In this way customers can obtain information even with a do-it-yourself search, while the customer service team can speed up the search for answers within manuals and product sheets, increasing productivity.

  • Efficiency

From enquiries to after-sales service, it is imperative that customers receive consistent answers to similar questions, even if they are asked differently through different business channels.

For this to happen, it is important that all customer relationship agents have efficient and rapid access to information.

When dealing with a large volume of enquiries it is important to have all the necessary information at your disposal. Having a well built Knowledge Management system can make all the difference.

Pigro finds coherent answers to similar questions

Pigro allows you to quickly interrogate all available documentation, extracting accurate and precise answers directly from your knowledge base. Pigro also shows you knowledge gaps, so you can fill them in time, avoiding service slowdowns and inefficiencies.

  • Speed

For services such as Helpdesk and Customer Service, the time factor is crucial at every stage of contact:

- before the sale: in which the potential customer makes use of every aspect to assess the brand and decide whether or not to go ahead in the buying interest;

- during: a late response would not only build up a bad company reputation, but would risk losing customers who have a quick buying decision;

- after: a satisfied customer will return to buy that product again and, in this choice, is influenced by many factors, including the speed of resolution of his or her problems.

Pigro gives accurate and immediate answers

By searching for answers within a centralized repository, the Helpdesk division can resolve customer issues quickly, reducing the workload on operators who can concentrate on solving higher value problems.

Pigro also provides a clear-cut answer to the question asked, with the possibility of viewing the entire document.

Customers address the Helpdesk through a targeted question. Why not to consult the Knowledge Base by asking that question directly?

Knowing already how to query the documentation, without the need to rephrase the question or identify keywords, speeds up the process and provides prompt answers to the customers.

With Pigro you can query your knowledge base in natural language

Pigro allows Helpdesk operators to query the company’s Knowledge Base by asking questions in natural language, like a real search engine, and getting answers starting with the most relevant one, with the relative reference files.

Thanks to a conversational interface, it acts as an internal Helpdesk, answering employees’ questions asked in natural language. It makes company policies, procedures and any information immediately available, without having to call or write an email to the relevant department.



All types of content in one platform

Before you know the answer to your customer’s question, you need to know where to find it. And within a huge amount of disorganized and chaotic documentation, it is difficult to be quick and efficient.

Often the problem is not so much information as the difficulty in finding it.

Knowledge Management solutions allow you to create documentation within a platform, ensuring that knowledge is immediately available to the whole company, thus increasing customer satisfaction and brand awareness.

Pigro imports any type of content from any repository

Pigro not only unifies all documentation within a single platform, it also allows you to quickly query it and share information across divisions.

It also imports any type of content from any repository within a single platform: user manuals, product sheets, website or social content, FAQs, tickets, internal documentation and any content in digital format.

By adopting the co-innovation model, the aim is to transform and standardise business processes through the adoption of digital solutions, as well as to develop new operational models and tools that bring efficiency, agility and cost reduction.


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