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How Can AI Boost Employee Engagement?

Improving employee engagement and retention can drive business performance in companies today: how to use artificial intelligence to do it?

Companies wishing to retain their top talent and attract the very best graduates from their field of specialization can no longer ignore the value of continuous, technologically savvy learning

As found in research by Deloitte, providing employees with opportunities to keep learning and improving is critical for business success. Around 94% of employees say they would stay at a company longer if it invested in their career development

However, ensuring workers are able to access pertinent, updated information is key if efforts at internal training are to be successful. 

Knowledge management software, Pigro, which relies on cutting-edge artificial intelligence, is a vital tool that companies can use to help employees access and share the knowledge they need to shine in their respective roles.

Knowledge arises from a host of sources

Many companies offer dedicated training courses for their employees. Companies like Anthem, BP, and Disney all support the idea of continuous learning. 

Some (such as Disney) offer free studies at partner universities, others (like Credit Karma) offer on-site courses and internal training materials. Yet others (like Gartner) entice staff via training programs, a wide array of development opportunities, and e-learning resources. 

Many Fortune 500 companies, medium-sized businesses, and small startups are also relying on knowledge management software and on LXPs (which provide access to a wide range of options based on data and artificial intelligence). 

The ultimate aim when it comes to providing useful training opportunities is to rely on systems that identify pertinent content, update existing information, and source information from various repositories. Pigro, for instance, imports content from emails, web pages, manuals stored on the Cloud, and more.

Making searches easy

Because Pigro imports content from all available repositories, employees who are honing their knowledge base can find what they are looking for in an instant. They don’t need to update and reorganize files themselves. Instead, they can use their time efficiently, creating a perfect balance between work tasks and research. 

Pigro also imports and automatically trains on the company’s knowledge base, so that employees do not have to read through an entire document to find the answers they are looking for. Moreover, staff can easily access important information shared by their colleagues. In this sense, Pigro helps employees train each other.

The adoption of employee chatbots

Employees are used to communicating digitally, especially in the post-COVID age. AI tools such as chatbots help make communication more agile, clear, and dynamic

Employees learning new material can benefit from having a chatbot on their side, answering questions that enable them to access more difficult material. Integrating chatbots into the learning additionally improves knowledge retention while helping them navigate more smoothly through their chosen modules. 

Finally, chatbots enable employees to access pertinent information when and where it suits them; including when they are commuting to and from work and using their smartphone or tablet device to complete modules.

Opportunities for continued learning are demanded by top-level employees and savvy new recruits. Companies like Disney are not only offering staff the chance to stay updated on a wide variety of areas, but also embracing AI to ensure content matches workers’ needs and interests. Pigro can help staff find what they are looking for while they are learning, so the process is more dynamic, interactive, and motivating.

Credits: Nina Randall, author


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