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How to integrate an information retrieval system into a business process

Information retrieval system

The last article spoke of information retrieval systems used in corporate knowledge management. Thanks to the use of artificial intelligence and, more specifically, of those technologies that allow the learning and processing of natural language in everyday use, it is easier to manage company data and information, which is fundamental for any activity and department.

The benefits of an integrated information retrieval solution for the company

According to recent studies conducted by the Information and Management Association, the average time spent searching for unavailable information is equivalent to 7.5 hours a week, thus almost 20% of the working time of a manager or employee. 

Information retrieval technologies can be integrated into business systems to solve these problems and speed up research of information in any area: from Customer Service, which has to resolve user requests quickly, to the IT Help Desk, which has to manage open tickets, to Sales and Marketing, which need access to CRM software to develop strategies to engage customers and potential leads.

But how to recognise an efficient retrieval of information?

For example, Pigro is an information retrieval system that uses Artificial Intelligence combined with knowledge management to:

  • integrate with all enterprise management systems, management application software and sales CRM (Salesforce, Zendesk, Front, Zoho, ServiceNow and others);

  • learn from any source of structured and unstructured data, enabling the extraction of relevant information that the user is looking for;

  • provide accurate and precise answers, because they are directly extracted from the documentation. 

Pigro's information retrieval software uses a proprietary algorithm to allow users to receive only the information relevant to their query. In this way, it is not necessary to consult documents in their entirety to find what is needed, and the accuracy of the information is improved. 

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How can information retrieval be integrated into business systems?

Choosing a Knowledge Management system based on artificial intelligence may represent an advantage not only from the point of view of performance but also in terms of set-up times.

In the early stages, it is, in fact, essential to provide access to all the corporate documentation to be managed, connecting the knowledge management software to all the repositories and corporate systems containing the knowledge base (guidelines, technical sheets, product catalogues, website contents, tickets and requests, etc.).

Unlike IR systems based on NLU (Natural Language Understanding), Pigro does not require the rewriting of all company documentation or the use of a particular language: it imports the entire knowledge base and learns from it, carrying out automatic training to make the content always easily accessible, via queries, without the need to use search keys to receive the information sought.

In the case of solutions such as Pigro's, there are three types of user experience, which can be adapted to the needs of each company: portal, a chatbot (or widget) to be integrated into websites and other business applications, and API key to develop your own customised solution and make it easier to integrate it into any organisation.

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