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Best online ​​masters in AI

AI offers new professional outlets and job scenarios, but what are the best online courses and masters in artificial intelligence to specialize in this field?

The field of AI offers many job opportunities to graduates in scientific faculties, but not only: the applications of AI in fact concern computer science, mathematics, and medicine, but also the humanities and social sciences. We would like to point out some good masters in artificial intelligence to seize the opportunities in the field.

Artificial intelligence in the world: the general trend

The advent of new technologies has led to the metamorphosis of many professions, which are increasingly automated and digitized.

One of the main causes is the increase in the number of sectors that make use of Artificial Intelligence: in the past, AI was used only in very few fields, while now it is not only present in professions that were unthinkable just a few years ago, but it is even changing the way we think about and organize work.

Google Cloud recently conducted research on a sample of 1,000 senior executives in the manufacturing sector in seven countries (Italy, Germany, France, UK, USA, Japan and Korea) which showed that, even in the manufacturing sector, the use of AI is recurrent. 

According to the data, 64% of companies in the countries surveyed have adopted artificial intelligence within their production processes.

The manufacturing sector, which was already a protagonist of the use of new technologies in 2020, with the arrival of Covid-19 has undergone an acceleration that has led 2 out of 3 companies to make use of AI.

According to the Artificial Intelligence Market - Forecast and Analysis by Technavio, the market size is estimated to grow by USD 125.3 billion, from 2022 to 2027. North America will originate 56% of the estimated growth of the AI global market. Big tech companies are headquartered in the region, but there are a lot of enterprises and SMEs that are located outside the USA and are investing heavily in the sector or have become increasingly dependent on AI.



Artificial intelligence online: masters and courses

As we have just seen, the AI field has undergone a surge of investment and research in recent years, thus generating the need for specialized professionals in the field. This means that studying artificial intelligence on an academic level will open the doors for young people to many positions within the current job market. 

Here you can find some of the online masters in AI you should consider if you want to get a degree in AI and its applications. 

1- Master in Data Science and AI for competitive manufacturing, EITM Master School, France, Italy, Switzerland: the objective of EITM Master School is to train the best talents of the European innovative community, and this two-year master's combines technical and specialisation courses, a summer camp, and entrepreneurship and innovation courses. The master's takes place in different universities, in fact, the obtained diplomas are two master’s degrees and one EIT certificate.

2- Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence at IUBH, Online University of Applied Sciences in Bad Honnef, Germany: among the best online master's programs we find this international program, focused on innovation and the study of computer-based language, image processing, smart manufacturing in the industry 4.0 and creation of smart assistants.

3- Master in artificial intelligence online at the University of Bath, UK: dedicated to professionals and students, this course allows you to specialize in AI to cover the growing demand for experts in this field. The program offers a wide overview of AI-related topics, such as robotics, mathematics, machine learning and NLP.

4- Master in Artificial Intelligence and Automation Engineering of the University of Siena: in the Italian panorama this master aims to provide high-level skills in the design, management, and innovation of AI systems, focusing in particular on human-computer interaction.

5- Online Artificial Intelligence course from Yeshiva University in New York City, NY: an approved online STEM master's degree that aims to design advanced AI technologies for a variety of applications such as finance, biotechnology and medicine, cybersecurity, technology, law, and sustainability.

6- Master's degree in Computer Science Specialization Cyber Security, Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence, at MIA Digital University in Barcelona, Spain: focused on ICT systems development, the program analyzes different methods to apply AI, data, and cybersecurity for problem-solving.

7- Master in AI applied to financial markets, realized by the Instituto BME and the MBIT School, Madrid, Spain: dedicated mainly to managers and professionals in the financial sector, the course aims to make them master all the tools of FinTech, with a view to the development of new artificial intelligence technologies in the investment sector.

8- Master of Science in Data Science e Intelligenza Artificiale - EBU, European Business University, Luxemburg: specifically designed to prepare graduates as the next generation of leaders in Industry 4.0, this master's offers extensive training on the most demanding Data Science and Artificial Intelligence skills with hands-on exposure to critical tools and technologies including R, Python, Big Data, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Deep Learning, and Tableau. 

9- MSc in Artificial Intelligence, University of Groningen, Netherlands:

this 24-month master’s degree aims to teach how to design and implement intelligent systems. The program focuses on 3 main topics: computational intelligence, which includes machine learning and neural networks, robotics, which analyzes in particular the human-machine relation, and multi-agent systems.

10- Master of Science in Applied Artificial Intelligence, University of San Diego, USA:

another online master dedicated to all those who are or intend to become professionals in the AI industry. Their innovative program includes a wide range of topics, such as Deep Learning, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, and IoT (Internet of Things), but also wants to provide a method to understand and apply hard and soft skills in real-world applications.

Artificial Intelligence Basics

For high school students approaching the world of AI for the first time, for some years now the Politecnico di Milano has made available summer courses realized in TechCamp@POLIMI, the first Italian project that aims to bring young students closer to technological courses (STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) with university-level standards.

From the history of artificial intelligence and robotics to neural networks, the courses dedicated to high school students are limited in number and taught by Politecnico faculty: they focus on drones, intelligent vehicles, Python programming, and robotic applications. 

In short, the opportunities to learn and train with an online Artificial Intelligence course are really a lot and the job opportunities in the field are increasingly expanding, even in Italy.


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