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HR: improve your Human Resource department with Knowledge Management


Many of the problems that occur daily in HR management can be attributed to a lack of knowledge management, which can affect both the internal departments and the entire organization.

As we saw in the previous article, to avoid wasting time and resources, the company must deploy tools and procedures to facilitate the passage of information, such as a good knowledge management system.

If you are interested in a Knowledge Management solution built on your needs, contact a Pigro expert for free, or continue reading the article to learn more.

HR and Knowledge Management systems

Some of the traditional issues faced by HR sectors relate to the difficulty of managing internal communication between departments and employees, to provide appropriate tools to enable employees to perform their duties better and to assess their performance.

Recently, more and more attention has been paid to the satisfaction and happiness of people in the workplace. It is no coincidence that hybrid job positions have emerged, such as the Chief Happiness Officer, which aims to evaluate and improve the well-being of employees within the working environment.

To improve the work experience it is necessary to build healthy environments, cultivate interpersonal relationships and foster an agile and dynamic corporate culture. At the base, there are certainly digital technologies that allow the use and share information facilitating the work.

Corporate knowledge management concerns everything that is called "intellectual business capital", including information and experience of human resources in the company. For internal procedures and customer services to work properly, employees (also recruits) must have access to all those information.

Artificial Intelligence, for example, is a powerful ally for Knowledge Management systems, such as Pigro: thanks to the algorithm that combines NLP and statistics, all the phases from implementation to use of the software are made easier and faster.

So let’s see how this KM software can solve some issues related to Human Resources.

Internal communication for your company

For effective communication, even in Human Resource Management, corporate information must be :

- organised: when employees are looking for information, they must stop their work to find the document that contains the answer to their question. If documentation is not organized, they will waste time, which will decrease productivity and results;

- shared: in many departments, the "ask your colleague" rule when you don't know how to do a certain task is still in effect. This is because the information is not shared between employees in different departments and sometimes not even between team members;

- up-to-date: having outdated information is the same as not having any. It also carries the risk of doing the job wrong, based on outdated data and concepts.

Pigro helps you measure knowledge-base effectiveness

Thanks to its new feature Knowledge Insights, Pigro can automatically analyse the quality of the knowledge base, to identify any issues related to the company documentation and receive personalised insights to improve it. It will be possible, for example, to trace obsolete content, knowledge gaps, poorly readable and structured documents, redundant information, and incorrect access permissions.
Employees will thus be able to optimise the access and efficiency of documentation before it causes delays or disruptions.



Onboarding and turnover 

There is often a lot of tacit knowledge in companies, i.e. knowledge that is not in any written form but is "passed on" orally from employee to employee. This reduces the autonomy of staff and the rapid implementation of procedures, as it prevents the easy sharing of best practices.

Even when hiring new employees, this can be a problem: if they don't have all the information they need, new employees will have to ask their colleagues, which slows down the entire department.

With Pigro you find the answers to your questions

As well as promoting a company culture based on information-sharing practices and outlining guidelines to explain and store data during all business processes, it is necessary to adopt a knowledge management tool to facilitate access to knowledge and keep track of it.

Pigro consolidates all company documentation into one platform, allowing employees and managers to find the information they need quickly.

With the conversational interface, simply ask a question in natural language and receive an answer directly from the documentation, which you can then share with your colleagues and superiors.

Employee Branding

One of the objectives of the HR department is to promote the well-being of the staff. This includes providing company human resources with tools that allow them to do their jobs in the best possible way.

This is why it is important to enrich the company's strategy with a knowledge management system, which simplifies the work of employees by ensuring that they have all the information they need to do their jobs.

With Pigro you have all the information for decision-making

Pigro imports any type of content from any repository: resumes, company procedures, website or social content, FAQs, internal documentation, and any content in digital format.

Human resources have a large amount of documentation to consult for each phase of recruitment and personnel selection.

Each department can then consult all the documentation within the platform and rely on the same, always up-to-date information to make decisions and do their job properly.


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