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How to improve Help Desk support content and Customer Service help articles' usability


Files produced by Customer Service and Help Desk are part of the company’s Knowledge Base. But the information in it must be always easily accessible for agents, to use it efficiently.

Help guides, FAQs, knowledge base articles and all the support content from the Helpdesk must have usability requirements to offer constantly updated answers to the users’ requests.

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Help Desk and Customer Service problems

To ensure its function of assistance to customers and employees, Help Desk and Customer Care must be able to manage communication flows with users that need support and with other business divisions.

For example, a Customer Service agent has to collaborate with the Sales Office to provide consumers with information and details about their orders, purchases, returns, etc.

An IT Help Desk will, instead, have the main role of monitoring issues that may arise on both the client and employee sides, addressing support requests and providing a channel of communication between the various departments and service management functions.

However, some of the most common problems that often arise are related to the availability of information, such as the difficulty of retrieving information quickly, which affects the effectiveness of resolving requests and, consequently, customer satisfaction.

According to 57% of consumers, Customer Care Service performance in terms of speed and quality is an important factor to improve customer loyalty

Starting from content to increase efficiency in Help Desk and Customer Service

The information availability and access to the content of the company knowledge base are essential elements to offer a fast and quality service.

For this reason, the splitting of knowledge into different repositories, the difficulty to access data silos, and the lack of up-to-date information pose a threat to the company as it leads to problems and bottlenecks in the workflow.

For example, employees will be forced to bother their colleagues to access the documentation, or, in other cases, not finding the content they will waste time rewriting it from scratch. But to begin to solve these problems and understand the most suitable tools to adopt, it is necessary to have a clear starting point: you need to know if there are knowledge gaps, badly written content, or scattered and fragmented documentation.

For this reason, Pigro has created a feature that, thanks to AI, can analyse the quality of the knowledge base, to provide insights that can help to identify and solve problems in the company documentation.


Knowledge Insights: how to improve Customer Service performance with better support content

Effective support content (such as FAQs, help articles, and how-to guides) at your disposal helps both agents answer quickly and consistently, and users that can find information online by themselves. 70% of customers in fact expect a company’s website to include a self-service application.

The solution designed by Pigro can be useful to improve the quality of this content, by providing a complete report about the “Knowledge Insights”, i.e. personalised suggestions about the problems found in the company knowledge base. Let’s analyse two of them: 

- Poor document quality - thanks to this insight it is possible to identify documents with usability issues: for example, documents with a complex lexicon, or grammatical errors;

or long documents without a table of contents or not divided into sections with headings; 

but also scanned documents difficult to read or images containing a lot of text.

Well-written articles and organised content allow users to easily find the information they need.

- Scattered knowledge - For documents containing external links, you will be provided with a list of links which point to a different knowledge base.

It will help to solve the issue of splitting and fragmentation: if your knowledge is scattered across different repositories your employees will have a hard time jumping from one service to another to find what they are looking for.


In the next articles, we will analyze more of the actionable insights offered by Pigro and how they can help solve some problems related to other business divisions. Stay tuned! 


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